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Tuesday, 5-Feb-2008 12:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark

semester break ! [i like]
we are going back to maran for this festive holiday
be back on sunday...
enjoy my scrap...

adam enjoy sgt tulis2..
adam dah pandai buat circle...
bijak2...tak sangka dia dpt sambungkan garisan
sampai jadik circle...tp ade y lonjong...bujur....
color2 x pandai lagi masih dlm tahap conteng2
im proud of u.. take ur time

damia tgh senyum...pic ni utk dod y request gambo adik tgh senyum..
ni gambo time raya...skrg ni tak sempat nak snap2...hehehe

...nothing else matter, grow up my little guy...

Sunday, 3-Feb-2008 15:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
tagged 4

fliffy menjawab tag dr anna @ http://sitinurhasanah.fotopages.com/...thanks anna

1st day of arrival..

kenapa adam harris..

kenapa damia safiyya..

REQUIREMENTS : Write about what or how or why you gave the name(s) to your kid(s).
QUANTITY: 5 people
TAG MODE: Firstly you leave their blog and post link and add to the list below and secondly you let the blogger you want to tag know that he/she has been tagged by commenting in his/her blog or etc

i hope you like tagging game coz it fun n merapatkan silaturahim..hehe
so the 5 lucky fp are :

farah @ http://farahnri.fotopages.com/
ayu @ http://krayforever.fotopages.com/
hijanahhafiizh @ http://hafiizh.fotopages.com/
Tariq, Zaidan n Irah @ http://mmahil.fotopages.com/
madiha @ http://mamawandiha.fotopages.com/

maaf ye kalau dah ditagged perkara y sama...hehe

ni plak quick page y fliffy guna taruk gambo damia dicium jejaka idaman malaya..


Thursday, 31-Jan-2008 18:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
hari lahir adik saya !

1 feb 2008 - happy birthday dear sister...diklah aka auntie ngah..!! semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki bahagia dunia akhirat ! [adik kedua saya ni polis kawin pon dgn polis...] ni gambo kawen dorang 4 jun 2005 time ni saya tgh sarat tunggu due adam harris...kalau tgk gambo saya mcm teddy] ...dik lah ni ikut jejak abah saya..polis jugak tp udah pencen thn lepas...

p/s mak n abah kirim salam juga...oh ye gambo di sebelah tu plak time diklah already
ada anak, fardina maisara...time ni adam kecik lagi....cute posing huh....hehehehe

adam dgn fav sign dia...hehe...selain pose ni adam suka nganga time nak snap...
tunjuk gigi beso dia la....time ni balik kg raya dulu....hehehe...saya suka paper A ni.....[i like]

damia ni tido dlm kreta time jln2 raya aidiltifri 2007.........ermmmmmm [i like]
gaun raya damia ni babah belikan kat sogo hehehhe

Sunday, 27-Jan-2008 03:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my little angels

he is so funny

she is so adorable

thanks for doa a wishes...im so glad and happy to share my birthday with you...
thanks hubby for the love and lots of love...hehe

hope you like my scraps..[i like]

ni plak gambo group y kursus fotografi y fliffy gi bulan 12 thn lepas...hehe

Friday, 25-Jan-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
[my] [28th] [birthday]

wajah-wajah kekasih < perasan minah ni
[kekeke - saya mmg seorang y makeup-less]
gambo y tepi tu je make up tu pon time kawin.,..hahahaha

i'm so glad..
turning 28th today
thanks Allah for the happiness and wealthness
that you give me
life is so precious, my hubby and kids doing great
im so bless
and i hope that You always bless me and my family..

wow !
i really dont care about my own birthday
sometimes i just didn't remember the day
but it's important for me
to celebrate my hubby's dan kids's birthdays
just being a wife and a mum
is really an everyday birthday for me
i have a wonderful romantic and funny hubby
he give me 'i love you' everyday [seriously]
he called me everyday
chat and chat with adam day and night
[thank's to celcom] haha
really, i just want to live like this forever
exploring dan growing with my family

i grew up back at many places
because my father is a policeman
my mum ...ooo my she's so wonderful
toughtful, supportive and my best friend
i share [almost] everything with my mum
and i kinda be a mum like her now
childish...sometimes being hard on my kids
especially demanding adam..haha
he know when i mad..he know how to make me smile
[and finally x jadi marah]...said 'adam mintak maaf, mama'
...so how come [my heart melt...easily]

betul ke org kata ape y kite wish tak bleh cakap...
nanti x jadi...hehehe [takdeklah kan]
so i wish for ..............
happy-ness for my life
forgive-ness for doing wrongs
strong-ness to survive ups n downs
love for hubby and me + kids
wealth-ness for my kids future

im glad being sharing memories and thought with you..
thanks for just being here !!


the lovely[f][l][i][f][f][y]

ALLAH SELAMATKAN KAMU, [f][l][i][f][f][y]
ALLAH SELAMATKAN KAMU.. [and all friends sharing birthday with me today]

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